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VOICEMAIL | Riley Patrick Campbell

"Heya. It's Riley. Or RJ. Or whoever of me you're callin' for. I cannae get to the phone, so leave me a message. Just dinnae hold you're breath. Life's too short. Cheers!"

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justprompts | Nickelback lyrics

S is for the simple need.
E is for the ecstasy.
X is just to mark the spot

- S.E.X. by Nickelback

Co-written with drcampbell

Riley couldn’t help it. All this talk of sex, not sex, maybe sex, probably sex, almost sex… it was making him horny. He had a free period at the end of the school day, so he came home early rather than hanging around to wait for Mia like he normally would. Chances were, she would stick around in the library after school anyway. That was her choice of late and Riley couldn’t blame her. She had a lot of work to do to get into pre med and he was tied up trying to lock in material for his first album which was due to start recording in about six months time. And today, he just really needed to get home.

He wasn’t even sure if his Mum and Dad were home. He was so distracted, he forgot to even call out a hello to them, instead just dumping his bag under the stairs and bounding up them, taking two at a time. He closed himself in his room and quickly pulled out of his leather jacket and jersey, tossing them messily on the floor beside his bed. He wasn’t a messy person, generally, but he was a teenage boy and his room was never what one would consider ‘tidy’. He had song notes ever strewn around the place, with random instruments left in easy reach. Clean clothes were left on his bed by his Mum to put away (or not) as he pleased, and she did no more than take his dirty ones away to wash or make his bed if he didn’t manage it himself before school. His room probably did need a bit of a clean up and he would do it at some point, just not now.

Shoes were the next to be discarded, followed by his socks. He flopped down onto his double bed and scooted back against his many pillows...Collapse )

Written only for the p2nyc_nextgen future universe. Not binding on anything in the present day princeton2nyc universe.

Word Count | 1,108